BY erealto | 08-12-2018

What is Unauthorized Colonies Scheme in Punjab?

As the name suggests unauthorized colonies are colonies which have not been authorized by the government. This means that they have not gone through the normal course of paying CLU, EDC, LIF, SIF. Therefore, In unauthorized colonies the property is not registered so basically the developers do not pay the stamp duties and registration charges that s why many people promote the unauthorized colonies because that land has low price compared to the authorized colonies. The government of Punjab in order to bring all these unplanned colonies in folds of planned colonies had enacted the Punjab Laws (Special Provisions) Act, 2016 , but after the implementation of these policies the government has information that there are still exist a number of unauthorized colonies presently around 7,000 illegal colonies, of which 5,000 were located outside the municipal limits. The unauthorized colonies are developing because of the housing demand not matched by government authorities, the land of unauthorized colonies is cheaper than land of approved colonies. But many people purchase land in unauthorized colonies only the reason of unauthorized colonies is cheaper as compare to authorized colonies but these people are facing a many problems like poor infrastrusture in unauthorized colonies and not having a public amenities etc. The bank does not offer the loan to buy properties in illegal colonies, and the parking is also a very serious problem in these areas. The developers does not follow the building code. Many dealers cheat the customers by selling the land in unauthorized colonies because the people cant identify the colonies which is authorized or unauthorized because of unawareness. But with the help of layout plan, service plan, revenue, FARD, CLU etc. we can recognize the land which is authorized or unauthorized . And you can also check by clicking on the below mentioned link that which land is authorized or unauthorized. With the help of this , you will buy a good and authorized land without any efforts. Most of the peoples are confusing in the authorized or unauthorized land. Both are different and have different advantages or disadvantages. The unauthorized colonies are not a part of master plan, buying and selling of unauthorized colonies is not carried out by registered deeds , these colonies are not considered to be part of the planned city. The property owners of these areas do not hold clear title to their land. The authorized colonies are part of the master plan, buying and selling of land of authorized colonies is carried out by registered deeds. In the authorized colonies we can easily change the ownership. With the help of new policies in Punjab, you can regularise the unauthorized colonies. With the help of regularisation, you can convert your colony from unauthorized colony to authorized colony. To bring all unauthorized colonies into a planning framework and to regularize the development , regularisation is a process by which you can made unauthorized colonies legal and the property titles in them are recognized by law and can be registered with the authorities. The application for regularisation must include information such as the colony's boundaries, names of streets, and neighbouring areas.


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